Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Town Board Waives Fees for New Library

Mancos trustees approved a motion Wednesday night, November 28, to waive a series of municipal fees to assist in construction of the new Mancos Public Library.

In a unanimous 6-0 vote on Resolution 12, the board deferred a total of $22,363 relating to various expenses normally charged for new facilities in town.

Fees not required by the town for the library included a street impact fee, $1,890; water and sewer tap, $8,452; building permit, $9,623 and legal fees of $2,398.

The new library is an approximately $2 million projet for a one-story, 7,500 square foot facility to be located on the corner of First and Mesa streets just off the Mancos River in town.

Construction is expected to begin in the spring of 2008, and once started, it should take about a year to complete.

From the Mancos Times

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