Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Building Project Update

By Patsy Smith, Director

Recently, the Mancos Town Board, Mayor Black, and the town staff demonstrated strong support for the library's building project by passing a number of resolutions that will waive various permit and tap fees. These funds will be applied to other construction costs, thus helping the library meet is budgetary goal for the project. In addition, the support given by the Town will be acknowledged in future grants which will assist the library in obtaining these grants. The Town of Mancos and the Mancos Library District (MLD) also established an intergovernmental agreement which will allow the MLD to develop Mesa Street, which is adjacent to the library building site to provide off-site parking for library patrons and the public. The Mancos Library District would like to thank the Town of Mancos for its strong show of support for the library building project.

On November 15, construction manager, Robert Lea of Davidson Construction gave a presentation on estimated construction costs for the project. The board will meet with architect Dennis Humphries soon, to review and approve the final design development plan.

From the Mancos Times

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