Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Fundraising Begins in Earnest for Library

Mancos Friends of the Library President Linda Starliper (left) hands Mancos Public Library Director Patsy Smith a check for $10,000, to be used for the new library proposed to be built at Empire Park. This is a substantial building block with which to start the fundraising for the new building.

By Terry Marsden, Friends of the Library

The beginning of serious fundraising for the construction of a new Mancos Public Library began this week with the presentation of a $10,000 check to Library Director Patsy Smith by Linda Starliper, president of the Mancos Friends of the Library [made out to the Mancos Library District, for the building project].

During the presentation, both ladies expressed appreciation for the support given the library by the Mancos community and lirary district patrons. It was the support and generosity during numerous fundraisers in 2005 that made the $10,000 donation possible. The recalled the creativity of the Mancos Friends volunteers; the wonderful Englehart fundraiser at Sundance Bear Lodge, the tasty bake sales, book sales, fun raffles and the Christmas Bazaar - all successful fundraisers because so many people gave freely of their time and energy, and a generous community participated and contributed financially in each even with enthusiasm.

Smith and Starliper remind everyone that lovely Englehart-signed and numbered landscape prints are still available for purchase, as well as beautiful Englehart note cards and envelopes. In reality, they point out, this wonderful $10,000 donation is only the beginning of the serious fundraising needed to design and construct a new library. They invite everyone to stop by the Mancos library, look around the cramped facility and understand the need for expansion. Then consider a New Year's resolution to volunteer and contribute to this important community project. Seriously consider becoming a member of the Mancos Friends of the Library. Join in and help with future fundraising events and be a partner in the building of a new and beautiful Mancos Public Library.

From the Mancos Times

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