Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Photo Updates

View towards fireplace of the beautiful glu-lam beams. Glass will fill the areas now covered by plastic.
Jack Stuart, the project manager, left, and another Jaynes builder going over the plans.
Bob Wilson, Board President, and Patsy Smith, Director, on the building tour.
View of the Sustainability Tower from the Meeting Room roof.
The HVAC, installed and under wraps.
Interior Ductwork - this central line originates from the rooftop HVAC, and disappears to the plenum under the floor. From there, warm and cool air will circulate through the building via the sub-floor duct system.
This tangential duct originates from the Transpired Solar Collector Wall, located on the south side of the building. During the winter months, accumulated heat will travel from the Collector Wall to the HVAC system, reducing the workload of the heating system. This results in lower energy useage.
Construction site humor.

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