Monday, August 11, 2008

Care for Your Pets and Donate to the Library Building Project!

The area's newest veterinary clinic, Dolores Animal Hospital, has volunteered to donate 100% of your price on dog and cat vaccines to the Mancos Public Library Building Project.

All you have to do at the time of your pet's vaccine appointment in Dolores, is to mention to Dr. Kevin that you want to donate to the Mancos Public Library Building Project, and you can make your check out to us instead of the Animal Hospital!

This generous offer applies throughout the month of August to all dog and cat vaccine appointments. Give Dolores Animal Hospital a call at 970.882.7100 to help both your pets and your library.

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Sonja Morgwain said...

Now that is a model for community collaboration. Way to go!

~Sonja Morgwain in Second Life
Presque Isle, Maine