Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mancos Public Library Building Project Update

By Patsy Smith, Director

The Mancos Library District Board of Trustees held a special meeting on Tuesday, August 14, to address several building issues and to review the initial schematic design for the new library.

Members voted to approve the covenant pertaining to the consolidation of lots and discussed the draft of the intergovernmental agreement with the Town of Mancos regarding public improvements on South Mesa Street. This issue was tabled to a later date.

Dennis Humphries, architect for the new library building, presented the initial schematic design to the board and to more than 20 community members. The board approved the schematic design in respect to the location on the site and the size of the building, with the contingency of further input by library staff and other considerations.

Humphries met with library staff the following day to gather their input.

Design development is to continue, including a review of changes at the board's next regular meeting slated Thursday, August 30. A review is mid-September is sceduled, and board approval of the design is on September 27.

For more information about the Mancos Public Library Building Project, call the library at [970] 533.7569.

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