Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Plans for New Library Take Shape

An effort to construct a new Mancos Public Library is ongoing as the architect for the project, Dennis Humphries, continues his work on a conceptual design.

The proposed 7,500 square foot, one-story building is to be located near the corner of First and Mesa streets just off of the Mancos River. Spacing of the new facility is slated to be about three times the size of the current library, which opened in 1992, according to Director Patsy Smith.
"We're sort of packed in here like sardines," said Smith jokingly, who mentioned that the additional space will allow for the display of more books.

The library is expected to add about 5,000 books to its present total of 17,000.
"We'll have these books displayed in a more visually appealing way," Smith said.

Outdoor landscaping on the library grounds will allow patrons to sit outside and read by the Mancos River, Smith said. The size of the lot is about two-thirds of an acre. "Most people are seeing our project as a win-win situation," she added.

In addition to books and property, the library plans to increase the number of computers from seven to 11. A new 800 to 900-foot conference room will be able to sit 40 to 50 people.
Smith noted that two more part-time employees could be added to the current library staff, which would perhaps allow for additional weekday hours and being open on Sundays.
The library is presently closed on Sunday.

Smith is hopeful to break ground on the approximately $2 million project this fall, but if not, the potential start date would be in the spring of 2008. Once work begin, construction should take approximately one year, she said.

From the Mancos Times

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