Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mancos Public Library Named Enterprise Zone Project

The Mancos Public Library has been named an Enterprise Zone Contribution Project by the Colorado Economic Development Commission. The Mancos Library was approved at the March 8 Colorado Economic Development Commission meeting for their downtown building project. This designation allows any contributions to the Mancos Public Library to receive a 25 percent state tax credit on cash donations, and a 12 percent state tax credit on in-kind donations.
Currently 20 projects are designated in Southwest Colorado including Southwest Conservation Corps, the Dove Creek Community Health Clinic, area economic development groups, and Southwest Memorial Hospital.

In 1986, the Colorado State Legislature approved the Enterprise Zone Tax Credit program to assist economically distressed areas of the state. The southwest Colorado, all of Montezuma, Archuleta, San Juan and Dolores Counties are designated enterprise zone areas. La Plata County, however, is more of a checkerboard with some areas considred not distressed and thus not included.

Information about eligible businesses, programs, investments, and donations to Enterprise Zone development projects are available by calling the Region 9 office or going online at

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