Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mancos Library Fundraiser a Success

On September 21, a group of library supporters, board members and staff gathered for a fundraiser dinner and to honor retired Mancos Times editor Tom Vaughan. In attendance were Cortez Hournal publisher Suzy Meyer, Richard Ballantine, owner of the Cortez Journal and the Mancos Times, Library Director Patsy Smith and Tom Vaughan.

Meyer, one-time editor of the Mancos Times, talked about her relationship with the library while she worked in Mancos. "When I first became the newspaper lady, my children were quite small. Here I was, a newspaper lady who often had small children in tow. The library was a refuge, and the librarians occasionally were lifesavers. My children remember the summer reading programs, they still love to read, and for that, I thank you."

The fundraiser was a success, raising $2,400 toward the planned library expansion.

The Mancos Public Library Staff

From the Mancos Times

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